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The "Fama" Figure

Figure that represent in the Greco-Roman mythology an allegorical goddess, daughter of the hope and messenger of Zeus, announces of good and bad news.

guantanamo city .org - The Fama Figure

The statuette with the classical Greek tunic and its long and silent cornet was commissioned by José Leticio Salcines Morlote to the Italian sculptor Américo Chini, who lived in Havana in the early years of the twentieth century.

La Fama is confabulated with capitals, cornices and sui generic columns in oder to invite the visitors or foreigners to Gtmo, and lots of fans of the architect who died in Cuba, after dilapidating his earnings proceeding from the profession of architecture, on the vain determination of enduring water to the at that time thirsty Santiago de Cuba City.

On December first, 1992 was chosen as a symbol of the city “The Fame”, sculpture that crowns Salcines Palace, the highest point of the urban center significative sample of the eclecticism that privileges the city.

It was chosen by popular vote, where the most of the percentage came from the young population.