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Regino Eladio Boti

guantanamo city .org - Regino Eladio Boti

Illustrious professor, historian, poet, essayist and painter, Regino E. Boti, who was born on February 18th, 1878 and died on August 5th, 1958.

This man and his work form part of the cultural patrimony in Guantánamo.

He was precursor of the renaissance of the Hispano-American lyric letters, that appeared in Cuba in the first decade of the 20th century, author of works like Arabsecos Mentales and other important tittles for the American letters.

He wrote some articles in magazines and newspaper, was member of different academics as the History one, the Language one and the Hispano-American of Sciences and Arts of Cadiz.

His house was for decades studio, workshop and library for the great artist, and in it are preserved drawings, his diary, his abundant, his personal file and his library.

Natal House

This property is located at 403-405 Bernabé Varona Street between Pedro A. Pérez and José Martí Streets. This historical large house has a colonial style, characterized by its Spanish doors, with ornamental nails, windows of Spanish board with sashes, wood columns and roof of clay tiles.

guantanamo city .org - Regino Eladio Boti Natal House

It consist on a building with typical facade of the nineteenth century, internally transformed by posterior eclectic modernization developed in only one level and with a floor shaped U.

It has walls of brick and forkfuls of strong wood. By a side it is preceded by a continuous portal with night feet of engraved wood that hold the cover of galvanized zinc.

The building shows us a strong structural carpentry in Spanish style doors without wickets, the two sash windows board style without dust guards or brackets, the cover of hanging style with free drainage to the street and the yard.