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Felix Savón, the idol from San Vicente

Born at the small town San Vicente, Guantánamo, Cuba, on September 22nd, 1967. Felix Savón Fabré started his sport career participating in some races at school competitions with a municipal character.

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Later he gave up to the athletic modalities and tried with the oar, of this sport he desisted in a little while. In 1980 by his physical conditions he was selected to enter Sport Initiation School (EIDE) at Guantánamo City, over here among all the sports he finally decided for boxing and started appearing for the first time in the 71kg of the school category.

It is interesting to distinguish that Felix Savón lost his first combats by the rapid decision, fact that did not frighten; it gave him more courage in order to go ahead looking for the triumph.

The joy did not delay much to arrive, Felix Savón won his first title at National School Games in 1981, this triumph opened the doors to the Athletics Improvement Superior School (ESPA) in Havana City, over here he continued his formation while he gained triumphs and some failures because of a hurt on his right hand caused by the excess of training in order to fortify the fists.

After recuperate himself and win the Junior National Championship 91Kgs division in 1983 and 1984, he realized his first international experiences winning a juvenile contest in Eastern Berlin and the Caribbean an Centro American Championship, at Maturín, Venezuela, facts that motivated the trainer Alcides Sagarra to promote him to the superior national team even when he only was 17.

In more than 15 successful years of sport career the idol from San Vicente at Guantanamo municipality, obtained an activity never signed before for any other boxer in the orb, because he exhibits all the titles that AIBA gives.

To his successes at championchips in the orb and estival appointments, three Olympic golds and four World Cups, besides being the only boxer who won three golds at the Goodwill Games, Félix Savón adds those of juvenile world titular, besides he had been center and panamerican monarch on reiterated occasions.

At the Cuban quadrilaterals, the giant from the Guaso, Félix Savón appears as the principal winner of golden medals at Playa Girón national contest with a total of 14, while at Córdova Cardín international ones he obtained 15 bands.

The Executive Buro of COI gave him the Olympic Order because of his excellent contend inside and outside the ring. Besides the plural-champion of the complete weights has been nominated to multiple prizes that recognize his integral excellence, among them the Jesse Owens.

Amateur Record : 383 fights; 362+, 21-

1985, Bucarest Heavyweight Junior Amateur World Champion.
1986, Reno Heavyweight Senior Amateur World Champion.
1986, Santiago de los Caballeros Gold - Centro American and Caribbean Championship.
1987, Indianápolis Heavyweight Panamerican Games Champion.
1987, Belgrado Gold - Boxing World Cup.
1989, Moscú Heavyweight Senior Amateur World Champion.
1990, Seattle Gold - Goodwill Games.
1990, Dublín Gold - Boxing World Cup.
1990, Ciudad México Gold in Centro American and Caribbean Championship.
1991, La Habana Heavyweight Panamerican Games Champion (Vs. Shannon Briggs)
1991, Sydney Heavyweight Senior Amateur World Champion (Vs. David Tua)
1992, Barcelona Heavyweight Olympic Champion (Vs. Danell Nicholson, Vs. David Izon)
1993, Tampere Heavyweight Senior Amateur World Champion
1993, Ponce Gold - Centro American and Caribbean Championship.
1994, Bangkok Gold - Boxing World Cup.
1994, San Petersburgo Gold - Goodwill Games.
1995, Mar del Plata Heavyweight Panamerican Games Champion (Vs. Lamon Brewster)
1995, Berlín Heavyweight Senior Amateur World Champion (Vs. Luan Krasniqi)
1996, Atlanta Heavyweight Olympic Champion.
1997, Budapest Heavyweight Senior Amateur World Champion.
1998, Chongqing Gold - Boxing World Cup.
1998, Nueva York Gold - Goodwill Games.
1998, Maracaibo Gold - Centro American and Caribbean Championship.
1999, Houston Gold - Campeonato Mundial Amateur de Mayores.
2000, Sydney Heavyweight Olympic Champion.