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Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez, first latin-american flying into the space.

Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez was born in Guantánamo on January 29th. 1942 in lap of a worker family. When he was one he was orphan of mother and later of father.

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With almost 20 years old, accumulating experience and improving his professional profile Arnaldo Tamayo was selected by his Condition and in March, 1978 went to the USSR to train as a cosmonaut selected to integrate the Soviet space Program “Intercoms”.

Exactly at 19:11 hr on September 18th, 1980 from the cosmodromo of Baikonur (today Kazjistan Republic) Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez is threw to his historical flight to the space on the ship Soyuz 38 joining to the Commander Yuri Romanenko cosmonaut who executed his second mission at the space.

Never before a black man who came from a sub-developed country had even dreamed about traveling in the out space as an investigator on a space ship.

The mission lived 7 days and 20 hours in the space and developed with success the more than 20 scientific experiment that they have in mind among them the cultivation of the first organic mono-glasses in micro-gravity using Cuban sugar for which they were prepared and trained methodically.

Arnaldo Tamayo is honored with the Orden Lenin and the Estrella de Oro the Héroe de la URSS in Moscow. On October 21st in opened the exhibit “El cosmo al servicio de la paz y el progreso” at the Cuban Pavilion. When he got back to Cuba is honored with the first medal of Héroe de la República de Cuba.

Today Tamayo is General of Brigade and Chief of the Department of exterior Relations of MINFAR. I’am dreaming about gets back to the cosmos. “I’am pilot since my youth and I will be forever, it does not matter how old I’am”. Arnaldo Tamayo says