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Landing of Martí y Gómez on Playitas de Cajobabo

On April 11th, 1895. After 10 in the evening of that date landed on Playitas de Cajobabo, at the actual Imías Municipality, the two more prominent of the Necessary War: José Martí, the leader, the organizer and inspirer of the new clariné, and Máximo Gómez, the supreme commanding officer, the sagacious and unclaudicant revolutionist, symbol of the internationalism and modesty.

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Playitas de Cajobabo was the chosen place for the liberty to land, and no one: neither the dark night, the irascible surge or the rocks would stop it. This landing constituted one of the most important exploits of the Cuban 19th Century.

“… We arrived at a shore of stones (The little one, near Cajababo). I stayed on the boat the last one evacuating it. I jumped. Great happiness…”

That way the Apostle describes his risky landing in order to incorporate himself to the gest that he organized from the outside, started on February 24 of that year, a month and a half before he stepped Cuban ground next to Gómez, Francisco Borrero, Angel Guerra, Cesar Salas and Marcos Del Rosario.

The six expeditionists had left Montecristi to Cuba on April first boarding the schooner Brothers. A journey later they arrived at Gran Inagua Island, where they discovered the next day that the sailors had deserted, so they could not continue the trip immediatly.

On April 5th, after the unproductive search of a new crew, they board the German land carries Nordstraid, that leads to Cope Haitian, to the North of Haiti, and then to Port Antonio, in the northern coast of Jamaica. The captain of the ship sympathized with the cause of Cubans and accepted to the expeditionaries as hidden passengers.

In their odyssey they arrive at Cape Haitian the 6th day, reship the 9th and at down on April 11th arrive at Matheu Town, capital of Gran Inagua, where carry up to the steamship the boat that would take them to the Playitas de Cajobabo, later than the Nordstrand – on its trip to Jamaica – raises them to the Southern coast of Guantánamo.

The arrival of the Delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Party to the little shore marked the end of his privations after many years at the outside and preparation of the Necessary War. At that point of the national geography, and in the historical moment of the landing, he expressed with an extraordinary emotion his great happiness of stepping Cuban ground.

The arrival Martí and Gómez was received with great joy by the people specially those who from the jungle were fighting for the independence.

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The incorporation of both leaders to the warn, preceded by the ones of the generals Flor Crombet and Antonio and José Maceo, who landed by Duaba, Baracoa, on April first, 1895, attracted to the contest numerous fighters and put al bay the peninsular forces.

At Playita de Cajobabo was started the march of Martí known as Route of Glory and that took him to run over around 400 kilometers of ways plenty of dangers and many obstacles, until Dos Rios, when died fighting on May 19th, 1895.

Marcos del Rosario ran over the place on April 23rd, 1922 and identified the specific point of the landing and that way raises a monument that was not reality until 1947.

As far as this moment arrive today the new generations in order to drink from the fountain of history. And it is funny that in that silence, only broken by the sound of the waves of the sea, we still feel the presence of the sincere man from where the palm grows.