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History in Guantanamo City

Martí and Gómez Cajobabo Landing

On April 11th, 1895. After 10 in the evening of that date landed on Playitas de Cajobabo, at the actual Imías Municipality, the two more prominent of the Necessary War: José Martí, the leader, the organizer and inspirer of the new clariné, and Máximo Gómez, the supreme commanding officer ... view details.

Thomas at the North American Encampment

The forces of Lieutenant-colonial Enrique Thomas that stayed at Playa del Este and its suburbs until the end of the month of July protested the Yankee marines from possible Spanish incursions. The same Thomas recognizes in his memories “(…) the first days were joyful for us, but this was changing such a way that after surrendered Santiago de Cuba we could stand the stay over there.” ... view details.

The Combat of the Cuzco

The combat of El Cuzco was the most important military action realized until that moment by Cuban-North Americans forces against the Spanish army at the suburbs of Guantánamo Bay, and the first victory of the allied armies against the Spanish colonialism in all around Cuba ... view details.