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Zoologico de Piedra "Stone Zoo"

The Zoologico de Piedra is located at the alto de Boqueron in Felicidad de Yateras, Yateras municipality about 15 km outside Guantanamo City. This unusual zoo offers you the great opportunity of seeing with your own eyes the wonder created by the modest farmer and sculptor Angel Iñigo Blanco.

guantanamo city .org - Lion on Zoologico Piedra

Among the works that conform it are found, a lion and elephant about 3 m tall, first sculptures that originated the Zoologico de Piedra making this an atypical place that comes to be by its works and forestall environs an space able to awake the dreams and the imagination from whom visit it. In August 4th, 1977 was declare Cultural Patrimony of Cuba.

guantanamo city .org - Elephant on Zoologico Piedra

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