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The Monitongos

The semi deserted South-eastern region in Guantanamo catches the curiosity of any visitor. The excellence of its flora and fauna is admirable, just like its landscape, characterized by gigantic stone sculptures, that form the same elevation of the place.

The inhabitants of the nearest community, Hatibonico, call them Monitongos, name of unknown origin.

guantanamo city .org - Monitongos

From far away they can look like a big train furrowing the hills that super-sized mushrooms, tortoises, iguanas, frogs, flying sauces as associated to the extra terrestrial life, or the simulation of the Chinese Grate Wall.

The experts established that what today is that chain of hills of several hundreds meters long, was a soft sea basin at remote times, and emerged by tectonic processes without volcanism, and fancifully eroded by the wind and rain.

guantanamo city .org - Monitongos

In 1990 the monitongos were declared as Monument of the Cuban Nature. This ones is located encircled in an Ecological Reserve of six hundred 274 hectares of extension, with rich values of flora y fauna, which can be appreciated through interpretative paths.

In the area is significative the high density of amphibians, reptiles, insects, arachnids and shells, the great diversity of cactus and other spiny plants, and many sumps that stay full during all the year long, as oasis in the semi deserted region.