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Guantanamo Geography

Guantánamo province is located in the most eastern part in the Cuban Island, it has a superficial of 6186, 2 Km2, that represent the 5, 58% of the surface of all the country. It limits to the North with Holguín Province and the Atlantic Ocean, to the South with Caribbean Sea, to the East with the Passage of Winds that separates the Cuban Island with Haiti and at West with Santiago de Cuba province.


The climatic conditions present interesting particularities that are different from another in the country, so in its northern flowing of the mountainous solid Sagua-Baracoa, are registered values of precipitation every year in the country, over 2200 mm, and in the southern of the solid the lowest marks of raining in the nation that are no more than 600 m every year.

The annual average of temperature oscillate between 25ºC and 26, 8 ºC in the plain zone, and between 20 ºC and 24 ºC in the mountainous part, and the relative humidity oscillates from 70% to 86%.