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Culture in Guantanamo City

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The Guantanamera

Guantanamera (“woman from Guantánamo”) is a Cuban song, maybe the most known in the country. The most known lyric, adapted by Julián Orbon, is based on the first strophes of the Versos Sencillos, of the Cuban poet José Martí. The musical composition is officially attributed to Joseito Fernández Díaz ... view details.

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Changüi, an identity phenomenon

The changüi, musical style autochthonous from Guantánamo, more than rhythm in order to enjoy the soul, is a way that people from Guantanamo gave to this land long ago, in order to express party, joy, meeting of men and women, united to a tres, xylophone and guayo ... view details.

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The French Tumba.

The French Tumba is one of the most ancient and important music-dancing expression in the Cuban culture that has influenced direct or indirectly on other artistic manifestations appeared later, as the congas and comparsas.

The Tumba Francesa is distinguished from other African dances by the clothing that wear its integrants and by dance style, whish movement follow the ones they call dance of hall, when the woman and the man move each other with cadence, softness and elegance without lift the feet from the floor ... view details.